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The Art of Letting Go

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

The Golden Years have arrived! So, what does that mean to you?

There are several ways we can look at our golden years, and each of us will tend to gravitate to what we have experienced from our past. But one thing for sure, we’ve got to let go of the unnecessary "stuff."

Letting go makes room for the Next Great Chapter of our lives. Looking back on our past, we can notice that many times over, we have let go and moved on. For instance, remember how hard it was to let go of the friends you grew up with when you moved to college, or let go of the group of friends that didn't live the kind of life you envisioned. Even harder, let go of your children when it was their turn to leave the nest, get married, and raise a family of their own. Remember moving on from the tricycle to the training wheels, to the banana boat and derailer; we have moved on! From middle school to high school onto college or work, from the 30+year career and into retirement, we continue to move on.

Though age and experience can make it a little easier to let go and move forward, the motivation for our future should never be on "what used to be" by holding onto the past as if it had everything we ever wanted. Now is our time to shine. Looking back is fine but celebrating our past and future is even better!

Downsizing does not just have to be for people who are moving elsewhere. Imagine how excellent this next great chapter can be if you had, shall I say, a more "spiffed up environment"!

Let's go on a "Bear Hunt" together as you begin looking through your Stuff. (keep the tune, going on a bear hunt, in mind).

We're going on a Memory Hunt!

We're heading to the garage!

There's going to be lots of memories there!

We're not scared!



We can't go over them.

We can't go under them

Oh No!

We've got to go through them!

Rip, Tear, Rip Tear

We're going on a Memory Hunt,

We'll find the memorabilia!

Wait. What's That?

Dishes from long ago!

Platters & Plates Oh, No!

Long Stem Glasses & More!

We're going on a Memory Hunt

It's all about our Stuff,

I can't take it!

Quick! Get out of the garage

Stumble Trip. Stumble Trip.

Hurry back into the house!

Hoot! Hoot!

We made it! We made it!

Yes, Downsizing is like going on a bear hunt! A little intriguing, perhaps a bit overwhelming? In the end, you will find those forgotten gems that created you and your family. The result leaves you with an uncluttered garage, cabinets, and drawers. It is a once or twice in a lifetime opportunity. No dodging back to the house, running to the bedroom, hiding under the covers to hide! It will free you up mentally and physically to move forward into your next great chapter of life.

Here are a few reasons & tips for Downsizing:

#1 Good to do even if you are NOT moving out of your home, eliminating clutter is a good thing

#2 You will be creating a safer space in your living environment

#3 Going on a memory hunt allows you to heal and move into your future with optimism

#4 You Matter & so does your past. Grab a notebook and journal your thoughts about an item

#5 Cry when you want to. Your body and soul know when it needs to grieve.

#6 Don't fight it; this is a real healing mechanism for the soul

#7 Take breaks often. Be kind to yourself

And remember, if you don't tackle the downsizing project yourself, chances are someone else will have to do it when you can't. They won't have the lovely memories you will discover by going on your own "Memory Hunt." You don't have to do this alone either; grab a family member or two or contact a local organizer to help.

Till next time,

Joanne Peters ~ centralcoastsenior.com

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