• Joanne Peters

Smooth Transitions into Senior Living

Take it from a Certified Senior Housing Professional.

Starting the conversation about life’s transitions for seniors has become a passion for me. I am excited to share with our readers a variety of subjects while transitioning into a new stage of life. It is inevitable we are all going to age, and we are all going to have to prepare for our changing needs.

Many years ago, I was having a conversation with my father about a suitable career. We discussed the importance of work you can do for a lifetime. Something with purpose, flexibility and an opportunity for growth in the future. One of the career paths we spoke about was Real Estate. I followed that path beginning 34 years ago. That journey gave me the flexibility to work as I was raising a family, and it gave me an opportunity to learn the many aspects of the business, from Managing several new home developments in the area to Appraising property and building my own clientele of satisfied home buyers and sellers. About 6 years ago, I was being tugged by the “purpose” of my career. At that time, I had already dealt with the loss of both parents and had engaged in all the work it entailed to close up their estate. Once I had a moment to breath, I realized that I could help others going through the same situation from my experiences. Starting in 2014, I became a Senior Real Estate Specialist, then a Senior Move Manager and most recently a Certified Senior Housing Professional. In the last 6 years, my passion for helping seniors and their families experience a Smooth Transition was and is the “purpose” I have been looking for.

The series of articles that I have planned for you will inspire you to take a look at your next stage of life and how you want to live it. Each time I hope to open our hearts and find the compassion for those of us who are on this journey of life, called aging. This column is also for our children and grandchildren so they can help their aging relatives and perhaps learn some cool tips for their own futures.

Let’s start our conversations learning about the History of aging and learn what has worked and what has changed over time. Next time, we’ll look at the most populated generation of today’s society: Baby Boomers and what they are facing today. (I’ve also got some information on how other countries and generations have mastered or not…the aging process.) It will be important to look at some of our Living Options once we decide where we want to live and how. We will look at the many resources that are available to help make that a reality. We might even explore how our emotions can lead us into a positive or a negative decision about relocating to a safer environment as we age. A few other topics we will explore: the long-delayed project of Downsizing, Your Legacy, and the benefits of Socialization vs Isolation.

Each month I will leave you with a resource or two that might help you on your own journey.

I’d like to leave you with this an interesting perspective from TEDx Cal Poly 2020:

“Too often in life we become accustomed to our everyday habits and routines. We forget the importance of expanding our minds and broadening our perspectives. Each day we encounter people who have the ability to teach us something new and exciting – we simply need to be willing to take it all in Once we open our minds to the information and expand our horizons, the possibilities of what we can become are endless.”

Till next time….Joanne Peters

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