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Overwhelmed to Overjoyed

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Greetings! This article authored by Meagan Friberg about guiding seniors featured Joanne Peters in the June 2019 publication of Colony Magazine. It can be found on page 38. It begins:

“When it comes to various living transitions of senior adults, many individuals and families become overwhelmed. Where do we start? What are the options? Will this be costly? Enter Joanne Peters of Malik Real Estate, a pro when it comes to finding solutions to many of these late-in-life decisions.” During the time of this publication, I served as a Realtor at Malik Real Estate. Since then, I’ve stepped into serving seniors full time at Central Coast Senior. Friberg goes on to quote me: “‘We understand the complexities of a late-in-life moves and appreciate the fears, concerns, needs, and goals of our clientele — not just those related to moving or selling a beloved home,” Joanne said. “While our profession is selling real estate, we are fully equipped to serve as guides and consultants, providing referrals as well as personal service from start to finish.’” Now that I’ve retired from Real Estate, my main focus is guiding and consulting seniors and their families. Friberg writes about my background: “After 32 years practicing as a traditional real estate agent, Joanne transitioned to a Senior Real Estate Specialist and then expanded on that knowledge. In 2018, she became a Certified Senior Housing Professional, nearly 10 years after the loss of her parents. “Our circumstance turned into a crisis mode and it was very difficult,” Joanne said. “I learned a lot of things during this time and felt my knowledge and advice could be shared with others.” Joanne is affiliated with the Malik Real Estate Group, well-known in the area for its depth of working knowledge with the local senior community. She is also a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers. “We handle the entire process, starting with a custom move plan for our clients’ unique needs,” Joanne said. “We can advise on when to begin the downsizing process and shepherd the moving progress all the way through the closing of escrow.”” Thank you to Colony Magazine and Meagan Friberg for making this article happen! I hope this provides the reader with some understanding of my background and current focus. Till next time! - Joanne

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