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Keeping Seniors Positive During Shelter-In-Place Order & Covid-19 Pandemic


Now is not the time to retire from life. Joining the ranks of what society calls senior citizens begins about the same time the aging process begins! This surely should be the beginning, not the end. It is the start of what is next! Our choices are the hinges to destiny. Or you could say, our destiny hinges on the choices we make. So, let us stop apologizing for growing older. Make the rest of your life the best of your life. Let it happen now; stop Growing Older, start Growing Bolder. If we look back on our life, we find the choices we made hinged on our destiny. What if something happened like the CoronaVirus? Well, actually it just did. Will you blame someone else for making you stay home, like the government, or whomever you don't like and let the chips fall where they may? Or are you going to take responsibility for your actions? Will you take this valuable time to make some positive changes for yourself and your families? Or will your choices leave a negative impact on your health and wellbeing far after the COVID-19 virus is gone? Here’s a fun activity to do. Take a look at your life as if it were a movie and write the screenplay, perform as you are the leading lady or man, now imagine how that movie will end. Be creative, bold, and imaginative. Are there scenes that you need to rewrite? What would the critics say after you were gone? Dig deep and begin today to grow your life, not just go through life. FOCUS ON THE OUTCOME and EXPECT SUCCESS: For retired seniors, much of our days revolve around routines. From the first day of retirement, we realize some habits are helpful. Practices keep us on track. We want to stay healthy by exercising and eating right. If not, we may find ourselves floundering around, no plan for the day, no purpose to your skip, mental capacity begins to dim. Seasoned retirees say daily schedules are beneficial. When it comes down to it, surrounding yourself with positive people and those who you have something in common with surely will brighten your days. Make sure you don't isolate yourself. Keep engaged with friends, check-in by phone, text, email, or video chat, walk around the lake, and go out for coffee. This act of kindness could bring a smile to someone else's life, only because you cared to check-in and be present in their life. Caring for others will make your day bright, but having a pity party will only bring you down. If you decide to tackle an important project during this downtime, focus on the outcome, and expect success. When you have a good outlook and a plan to improve your life, the message will get to the universe who comes in to help you achieve your goal. The most constant thing in life is change. Change is our friend; it is our vehicle to ride into success. SHOW UP AS THE GIFT: We must show up every day. A friend of mine who is a fellow member of a club I belong to, once said to us, "I didn't want to get up early this morning to join our pre-dawn meeting. I knew if I didn't show up, I would be missing something important; I would be missing my friends." When it comes down to it, she knew she had to show up, and something good would happen. Otherwise, she would be missing out on something that always made her feel good! Each of us has a God-given talent. "You" know what it is. It could be music, writing, athleticism, or a good listener and conversationalist. No matter what your "gift" is, bring it with you always. We get more time as we grow older to give our gifts of wisdom and experience. This quote by Anne Frank says, "No one has ever become poor by giving." It reminds us that giving to others is a gift to yourself. Try rewriting your narrative as you age, find out where your voice is, where your heart is, and begin to utilize it in a variety of ways. Begin giving back. WHAT IS YOUR LEGACY? When it comes down to it, Mike Middleton, founder of Growing Bolder, believes our Legacy is nothing more than what people would say about you after you're gone. We remember each other's gifts, kindness, their empathy toward others. We do not realize what WE are IS enough. Our Legacy is more than what we leave behind. It is what we did while we were here. Be an encourager, and we can make others feel they are the only other person in the room we are talking to, giving full attention to your friends, no distractions. In this case, the WILL must be stronger than the SKILL. As we age, the service we do for others (sharing our gifts) is the rent we must pay for being on earth. MOVE FROM PANDEMIC TO PLANNED DEMIC If we become fearful of information overload, uncouple from this uncertainty. Stop reading, watching, or listening to that which is frightening for you. Build your Tribe of people you trust to guide you along the way. Hang out with those who share your vision and who want you to be happy. Most important focus on the outcome of your eye. The universe has given us this time-out to be creative, reinvent ourselves to create a loving, kind human being. Many of these tips were from stories I learned watching the webinar, Growing Bolder Presents The Ultimate Pandemic Pep Talk by Dr. Jim Smith, Jr. Companies and organizations turn to Dr. Smith to help inspire teams to reach their full potential. If you would like to watch the entire interview, please go to www.growingbolder.com, where Inspiration and Possibility awaits. If you have been finding it hard to remain cheerful during this global pandemic, have been struggling to make plans for the future, start looking forward to What's Next, then I hope you will be able to see the brightness that is awaiting you. You must show up! Stay Safe Till next time, Joanne joanne@centralcoastsenior.com

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