• Joanne Peters

Cat in the Box

There was a cat who lived alone in a cardboard box.
He would peek out the hole in the side to see what was outside.
One day he saw a little girl peeking in the other side of the hole.
Hmm, thought the cat.  Shall I purr and say hi.
The cat brought forth the loudest purr he could muster, and the girl opened the top of the box.
Oh, I am scared; the first time I have seen light; but this little girl has a smile, so I must be a cute sight...
Suddenly the girl gabbed the cat and started walking away with him.
Freedom at last, thought the cat!  I hope she has some good food for me, at last.
And the girl brought the cat home. Her father stood at the doorway.
Oh, Missy who is your new friend?  Oh Papa I found this poor little kitty in the box outside, no food or love; can I bring him inside?
The father hesitated and looked down at the cat, which looked back up at him with wide eyes.
Papa, this little kitty so cute and so bright, we must give him a home and call him Top Hat!
The cat made a loud purr to the father, who  relented and allowed the cat to come inside.

This story was a collaboration between Joanne Peters at Central Coast Senior and Ray Mullikin of Raytoons Cartoons.

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