• Joanne Peters

A Pleasant Furprise

Jeremy liked to visit the make believe doll house at the light of dawn, once a week, at his grandmother's house.  His grandmother would always ask Jeremy to go down in the basement and check for rats down their.  The doll house was located at the bottom of the stairs, she often would hear noises that were frightening downstairs.  It looked as though it had been sitting there for many years unattended and certainly only a memory of the past.
However, on this particular day Jeremy came down the stairs to the basement he noticed something odd, like movement and tiny little sounds, like crinkling of paper.  Was his grandmother right, could there be rats?  Jeremy's heart began to pound in anticipation of a Big Giant Grey furry rat with sharp ears and teeth that stuck over his jaw.  The soor began to open in the doll house...no it couldn't be a rat as grandmother had thought, but what he saw coming towards the stairs was a beautiful sight.  A small little kitty, black, orange, and grey with a pink little nose and long fur.  This little fellow had been down in the basement all alone, now he had found a friend.  And, so the story ends, as his heart pounded again, knowing he had saved grandma's cute little kitten who was lost in the basement.
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