Four Challenges for Moving Seniors

Moving is ranked among the top ten most difficult things we adults face along with divorce, job change, and loss of a spouse.   But seniors have a more difficult time when moving; here are four reasons why:

Most seniors are leaving a home after many, many years – loss of security and familiarity

It’s quite common that seniors have been in their current home for 20 or more years.  So leaving a home after such a length of time is more than a physical change of place, it’s often a very emotional experience.  The onset of moving for a senior is overwhelming, reducing the anxiety of losing the familiarity of one’s space and moving is our specialty.  With the burdened of the move removed from their shoulders, many seniors are revitalized and become reenergized after making the move

Most seniors are moving from a larger place to a smaller one – emotional attachment to belongings

Memories are so closely attached to items and letting go of certain items becomes the hardest challenge for most seniors when faced with downsizing.  The prospect of having to make decisions of which cherished item to let go can be completely overwhelming.  Selection of the “most” cherished items, combined with pre-estate distribution to designees, digitization of photographs, and staging of the new space with the “most” cherished items greatly eases the downsizing process.  Many seniors comment they are “relieved knowing they have not burdened their families with having to deal with all their stuff at the time of their passing.”

Most seniors are facing some kind of health issue(s) – grieving process for their circumstances

Moving at any age requires physical effort, mental sharpness, and lots of lots of energy.  For many seniors, due to health issues or illness, the idea of moving creates an astronomical fear.  And, for those seniors who are still in excellent health, a move can be very intimidating due to the physical and mental stamina required.  Letting us carry the “weight” of the relocation removes it from our client’s shoulders which enables them the ability to focus on taking care of their health.

Most seniors have limited availability of family members to help – fear of helplessness from being alone

In today’s society, it’s often the case that the family members are not local.  They no longer live across the street or across town, they are live across the state, the country, and even across the world.  And, if they are local, they are usually preoccupied with dual careers and a multitude of kids’ activities leaving limited time to help.  Many family members are comforted and extremely grateful for the knowledge their aging parents or relatives relocation needs are completely taken care of without taxing them.

We take the Overwhelmed and turn it into Overjoyed!