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Story Matters: Empowering Your Hope
While Going Through Tough Times

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  • “Joanne’s voice tells the story of a heart broken woman, and then one day the sun shined from above.”

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Co-Authored Book

Lighthouse Weapon of Rescue
One Town’s Battle Against the Monster of Drug Abuse

Available on Amazon,  with Author Carol Freed Gobler 

  • “Persistence isn’t necessarily using the same tactics over and over again….Persistence is simply having the same goal over and over again.” – Seth Godin

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5 Common Mistakes Adult Children of Aging Parents Make And
How to Avoid Them

Adult children with aging parents report to not knowing the
desires of their elder parents. Their perceptions are not in line with their actual wishes. In the guide, moving mom and dad,
it will help to ease your load by walking you through a system that gives you wisdom and tips in this sensitive area.


In Six Steps you will discover:
1: Five common mistakes to avoid
2: Having the “What if” talk
3: Determining Priorities
4: Moving On 
5: Dealing with the “stuff”
6: Assembling important documents 

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Moving Mom & Dad

“will give you the tools you’ll need to guide mom and dad in a methodical way that is simple, makes sense and will leave you Overjoyed not Overwhelmed”

Simplifying your life should leave you overjoyed not overwhelmed

Somewhere between touring new homes, sorting through your possessions, choosing a new place to live, and deciding what to take and what to leave, it suddenly hits you: downsizing is a lot of work!

Let this handy guide walk you through the 5 Easy Steps to a successful move.

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Downsizing Made Easy”

is a step-by-step workbook about moving seniors,  household downsizing and estate dispersal, surely will keep you on track.”


"Joanne, we could not have done this without you, having the conversation with Dad about moving to senior living was not something we could have done without your patience and time listening to us. We really appreciated the suggestion to read; David Solie's book; How to Say it to Seniors: Closing the Communication Gap with our Elders. We were able to understand why dad was resisting and met him where he was at."

Michelle M.

Praise & Reviews

"Thank you Joanne for your help in making things run smoother and more peaceful while helping my parents move from A.G. to Oceanside. Your resources were wonderful from the senior move manager to the movers and realtor, all caring for our mother as we would do. The Realtor was wonderful, the Movers were professional, and the Senior Move Manager helped will all the organizing. We couldn't have processed this size of move without you"


Karen from Oceanside

"We could not have done this with without you Joanne. Our Realtor recommended your services to clean out the home, arrange for an estate sale so she could close the escrow on time. Kelly said you did an amazing job and we so appreciated you."

Don from London England

"Your positive attitude and loving spirit helped our family with mom and dad's transition into the senior living community."

Martha Templeton