Moving Seniors is our Specialty

Smooth Transitions is the premier provider of senior relocation on the Central Coast.  Smooth Transitions provides individuals and families the emotional and physical assistance needed in making a change in living arrangements.

We provide expert, affordable and compassionate care by assisting our clients with downsizing, sorting, organizing, estate dispersal, photo preservation and senior real estate services.

As a Senior Move Management company, we are dedicated to making the transition to senior living as seamless as possible for all of our clients.  The Smooth Transitions team takes care of the arrangements from start to finish, ensuring the satisfaction of all participants along the way.  Located in beautiful San Luis Obispo County, California, we believe that all stages of life should be celebrated.  Smooth Transitions offers the families they serve peace of mind when it comes to making a transition, as well as all of the support and resources necessary to make the process as flawless as possible.

Let us plan, coordinate, supervise all aspects of your move, and provide the consultation needed in choosing the appropriate Real Estate Broker to sell your home; thus creating a smooth transition to your new home.  We take the Overwhelmed and turn it into Overjoyed!

We’d love to help take the worry out of your move;
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A Message From Joanne (Owner of Smooth Transitions, Central Coast)

As parents begin to age, their children are usually the ones who can help direct the care where best needed.  The most important thing is to get them into a safe living environment.  This may mean leaving everything else behind; all the stuff, the house, the rentals and more.  I was that busy daughter who was raising a family, working a full-time corporate job, and acting as a sports mom too!

There was no time to take care of the stuff so we just kept it in the garage.  If only I had time to go through it all and determine what was valuable and what we no longer needed.  If you are reading this right now, I know I was not the only daughter that was facing the responsibility of taking care of my parents’ stuff.  I don’t want our customers or their families to go through this stressful time alone.

At Smooth Transitions, we have a plan from start to finish.  You no longer need to worry about meeting the umpteen service providers to get each task done.  We can provide all the necessary services or just a few; downsizing, sorting, organizing, estate dispersal, photo preservation, and senior real estate services.  All while you and your family are taking life easy on that busy move day.  Our clients continue to tell us that they could never have made their move without us.  We are passionate about helping and serving our senior community.  We take the Overwhelmed and turn it into the Overjoyed.