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Same Heart. Same Home.


At Central Coast Senor we deliver educational and entertaining content related to aging such as senior-friendly hobbies, volunteering, and how to choose and adjust your home to support our bodies' natural evolution.

Your House is made of sticks and bricks, your home is made from LOVE.
No matter where your house lands, you will always have LOVE in your home.

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We encourage planning the aging process early, and it's never too early to "start the conversation" on aging. What we called a phone in 1960 hung on your wall, had a rotary wheel, and only dialed other phones in your area. What we call a phone in 2020 is a mobile supercomputer with infinite information just seconds away. The word "phone" has changed a lot in 60 years, and so has the word "senior." At Central Coast Senior, we are bold, active, engaged, and wise. We'd love for you to share your journey with us.

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Meet Joanne Peters

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Atascadero, CA

Joanne has been a trusted consultant on aging since her real estate career began in 1987. In her home county of San Luis Obispo, she was the first Senior Move Manager, first Certified Senior Housing Professional and first Age Safe America Advisor. A true trailblazer, Joanne spends her time sharing methods for us to age wiser, bolder, and stronger, and she specializes in guiding families through the relocation process.